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I have worked closely with Graham at Indigo Blue Productions since 2010.

I have been able to utilise my creative, organisational and project management skills and, I have ‘mostly’ loved the work we do because boy, have we delivered some high level, challenging projects. 

Three quirky ones that spring to mind are…

  • Marching 200 cadets from the Sandhurst Military Academy through the streets of Sandhurst
    followed by an outdoor event for 15000 people.
  • Achieving a Guinness World Record with HSBC at the Emirates Stadium.
  • Fitting a Monster Truck into a Hilton Hotel as part of their Hotel launch.

Whilst I have been having lots of fun at Indigo Blue, I realise that along the way and, as Indigo Blue evolved into more meaningful events and film production, I found I loved being able to utilise my learning and development and coaching skills.   It’s the reason why Carpe Vita, the people development division of Indigo Blue has been quietly working away in the background.

We have been happily crafting the structure and messaging of the films we produce and helping our clients to deliver interactive events.  Helping them to get clear on their outcomes for their events and find the meeting space that would deliver those.  I love helping presenters be authentic and confident when they speak on stage or in front of the camera.  We were doing all this whilst I was delivering training and coaching under the Carpe Vita brand.

In the last 12 months though, I have become aware of being out of alignment.  Like there is so much more I could be doing to make a difference in the world.

Carpe Vita means to ‘seize life’ and for me, that means it’s important to…

Enjoy life      –       Learn every day         –         Make a difference

In a climate where bullying language and behaviour of influential leaders has become the norm, I have found myself reacting inside.  I realise the behaviour I hear on the news, the name calling, the lies, the inauthentic communication, has triggered memories of being bullied when I was at School.

Fortunately, that experience gave me leverage.   I knew I never wanted to make anyone else feel like I did and as a result, I have always endeavoured to be a positive role model.  My hope is that others will go into adulthood, released of any feelings an experience can trigger from a childhood experience either at school, at home and, as a result of ‘how’ someone spoke to them.

I have learnt the skills and techniques to put my memories to bed and, addressing my experience meant I didn’t carry the weight of it around with me anymore.

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

I have learnt the ability to develop my inner voice, to believe in myself and communicate with authenticity and confidence and, I am very aware of the impact I can have.  Others are not so fortunate and, I realise more than ever we need role models in our society who demonstrate humility and compassion.   Who can be a beacon of hope, who can lead the way and influence us in a positive light.

As leaders of a country, political party or business organisation, we set the moral tone and have a duty to understand the impact our words and actions have on others, particularly, the next generation.

Whilst I will still be working with Indigo Blue, the time has come to re-brand Carpe Vita and for me to spend more time delivering business training and 1-1 personal performance coaching and specifically …

Inspiring men and women in business to achieve increased success, communicate with confidence,
build meaningful relationships and live more fulfilling lives.

This year I decided to build on my NLP training and take my 17 years coaching experience to a new level.  I began training with Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes to become a strategic intervention coach.

It’s been a brilliant journey so far, experiencing my clients taking action and having breakthroughs personally and professionally.   Removing conflict in their lives, developing their self talk, managing their emotional states and language patterns and who go on to enjoy quality relationships with clients, colleagues and family as a result.


We’re also on a mission to empower men and women who are affected by bullying behaviour to become outstanding role models.   To read more about our mission click here


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