We work with Sales Coaches, Company Owners and Business Leaders inspiring them to be authentic role models to their colleagues and clients.

We have almost 20 years of Corporate training and coaching experience across a range of industries, developing business leaders and customer service and sales teams in global companies.

We believe in our current climate, building respectful relationships is more important than ever and we need role models and leaders in our society who can communicate to influence, inspire and empower.

We deliver interactive training programmes and one to one coaching, designed to develop you to be an authentic role model, communicate with confidence, become an outstanding leader and achieve unlimited success for you, your team and your business.  We can tailor our programmes to be aligned with your company strategy and key messages.

Training topics we are passionate about…

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Carpe Vita is the ‘People Development’ division
of Indigo Blue Productions.

Indigo Blue produces corporate films and company meetings designed to build your brand, raise awareness, increase productivity and create momentum.