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What makes you feel happy inside?   I find,  when I see pretty lights, it’s like I sparkle and glow just that little bit more!

The crew who deliver our awards ceremonies at Indigo Blue will laugh and tell you, I prefer someone else to turn the lights off after the client’s event has finished.   That’s the part I dislike the most, a stage and room can look very different and the standard fluorescent hotel lighting can be cold and sterile.

I also love to watch the warm sun reflecting on the sea twinkling like diamonds, sit with candlelight over dinner, listen to the crackle as the flames dance on a log fire!  They all have a positive impact on me.

On a recent trip to Bruges, I was in twinkly light heaven.  A beautiful town with canals, log fires, Christmas lights and an ice skating rink.  Combine that with the smell of Belgian chocolate and good company and, it doesn’t get much more heart warming.   I’m sure you’re getting the idea.

So, you can imagine how I ‘could’ feel at this time of year, having just taken down our Christmas decorations and packed away the fairy lights for another year.   When the news is highlighting January as the ‘dark’ month where we get the January blues!   Reading in the news that January 15th is also known as ‘Blue Monday’ where we’re supposed to feel ‘really’ down!

So, it’s amazing to know that we do have the ability to sparkle every day.  To feel good inside regardless of the time of year, whatever our circumstances and, whenever we choose.   It’s a helpful skill to have, particularly in January (the dark month) and, definitely when we’ve just packed away the twinkly lights!!

“When we live with gratitude, we can’t suffer”
Tony Robbins

We can choose our emotional state regardless of the situation.  it’s a skill I learnt a number of years ago and I use every day.

One of the standards I set for myself is to make sure I sparkle every day in some way, even when i’m busy and regardless of whether the person i’m with is in a bad  mood!   Even when going through a personal challenge, I still make sure I experience something small for myself that brings me joy.

It’s not always been easy and it can be harder to do when we have to dig deep because of life’s challenges.  I was bullied at school, I’ve lost both parents, I’ve been divorced, experienced redundancies and been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Overcoming Cancer and losing both parents definitely helped me to wake up and be aware of how precious time really is.

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.“
Dennis Kimbro

One of my mantra’s is, “Never let anyone dull your sparkle!”  because regardless of anyone else, we can still feel good inside.

Acknowledging the things I am grateful for and appreciating who I have in my life, helps A LOT and particularly so during the tricky times.

On a daily basis I check in with myself and write down the answers to these 3  questions…

  • What did I enjoy the most about today?
  • What 3 things am I grateful for?
  • What would I like to experience more of in my life?

Carpe Vita means to seize life and if I know ‘how’ I am enjoying my life’  ‘what’ puts a smile on my face and ‘what’ makes me feel happy’  I can focus on attracting more of what makes me feel fulfilled and, less time on that which doesn’t.

They don’t have to be big things either, I find it’s usually the simple things I am grateful for and fulfil me the most.

Here are a few more of mine…

  • Spending time and creating memories with my partner, my friends and my family.
  • The smell of fresh washing, spring flowers, newly cut grass and freshly baked bread.
  • Walking thorough crunchy autumnal leaves and splashing in puddles.
  • The sound of laughter.
  • Cooking tasty food.
  • Dancing to my favourite music.
  • Cuddling my cat and enjoying how he smells after he’s had a wash!
  • Roast dinners in winter and snowball fights!
  • Watching the sun setting and summer evening BBQ’s.
  • Paddling my toes in the sea and walking along a sandy beach.
  • A relaxing bubble bath with candles.
  • A cold glass of fizz.
  • Volunteering for charities.
  • Posting a card or a gift to surprise someone.
  • Giving the gift of time to help someone in need.

I would love to know, what would be on your list?

Let me know some of your favourite things that make you smile and you’re grateful for.  Put your comments in the box below and let’s have a great start to the year and make January a bright month!

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